Hino RN8J

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  • Power: 206kW at 2400rpm
    Torque: 824Nm at 1500rpm
    Transmissions: Six-speed automatic
    Wheelbase: 6000 mm
    Overall Length: 11460 mm
    GVM: 1600 kg
    Key Features: Cruise Control
    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
    ZF Fully Automatic
    Transmission Retarder
    Seating 45-61
    Air Bag Suspension (RN8J only)
  • Model: HINO J08E VD
    Max output (ISO Net): 206kW (280 HP) at 2400rpm
    Max output (JIS Gross): 210kW (285 HP) at 2400rpm
    Max torque (ISO Net): 824Nm (84kgf/m) at 1500rpm
    Max torque (JIS Gross): 843Nm (86kgf/m) at 1500rpm
    Max engine speed: 2500 rpm
    Engine compliance: ADR 80/03
    Type: Diesel, turbocharged & intercooled, six-cylinder in-line, overhead camshaft
    Combustion system: Direct injection with EGR
    Bore & stroke: 112 x 130mm
    85 x 40mm
    Piston displacement: 7.684L
    Compression ratio: 17.0:1
    Engine oil capacity: 13.5L
    Coolant capacity: 21.0L
    Fuel injection pump: Electronic control common-rail type
    Air Cleaner: Dual paper elements
    Air compressor type: Single cylinder, water-cooled
    Fan clutch: Equipped
    Exhaust: Horizontal outlet with DPR
    Emission Control System: EGR & DPR meeting ADR 80/03 using EURO 5 Std
    Performance: Calculations based on GVM, 11R22.5 drive tyres: 16000 kg
    Transmission: Automatic
    Rear axle ratio: 6.428
    Engine RPM @ 100km/h: 2080
    Max theoretical speed (km/h): 120
    Gradeability tan (%) @ GVM: 44.4
    Speed limited to (km/h): 100

  • Model: ZF 6AP1000
    Description: Double overdrive automatic with retarder
    Number of forward gears: 6
    1st 3.364
    2nd 1.909
    3rd 1.421
    4th 1.000
    5th 0.720
    6th 0.615
    Reverse 4.235
    Rear axle ratio: 6.43
  • Model: MF 671
    Type: Reverse Elliot I-Beam
    Spring Dimensions: Two bag suspension with double-acting shock absorbers & stabilizer
    Spring Rate: Two bag suspension with double-acting shock absorbers & stabilizer
    Axle Limit (including suspension): 6500 kg
    Tyre Limit: 6300 kg
  • Model: SH16
    Type: Fully floating, single reduction, by Hypoid gears
    Spring Dimension: Four bag suspension with double-acting shock absorbers & stabiliser
    Spring Rate: Four bag suspension with double-acting shock absorbers & stabilizer
    Axle limit: 10000 kg
    Tyre Limit: 11600 kg
  • Type: Two bag suspension with double-acting shock absorbers & stabiliser
  • Type: Air rear suspension, Four bag suspension with double-acting shock absorbers & stabiliser
  • Type: Full air, dual circuits, ‘S’ cam type, leading & trailing shoes for front and rear
    Drum diameter x lining width: Front: 406.4 x 152mm
    Rear: 406.4 x 216mm
    Air dryer: Equipped
    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): Equipped
    Brake auto-shoe adjuster: Equipped
    Parking brake: Spring brake acting on rear wheels
    Exhaust: Electric-pneumatic control with valve in exhaust pipe
    Transmission retarder: Equipped

  • Type: Telescopic and tilt column with locking device, Recirculating ball with Integral Power Steering
    Gearbox ratio: 21.4-23.8:1
  • Type: Ten-stud disc wheel (ISO type) 335 PCD
    Rim size: 8.25 x 22 5 – offset 165mm
    Tyre size: 11R22.5-16PR
    Number of tyres: Seven (including one spare)
    Spare tyre carrier: Equipped
  • Capacity: 250 L
    Fuel pre-filter and sedimenter: Equipped
    Filler cap key: Equipped
  • Type: 24V, negative earth
    Batteries: 12V x 2, series connection Capacity 150 A.h at 20-hour rate
    Alternator type: Brushless with built-in rectifi er & voltage regulator
    Capacity: 24V, 90A (110A for air-con option)
    Starter type: 24V, 4.5kW
  • Wheelbase (WB): 6000
    Overall Length (OL): 11460
    Overall Width (OW): 2430
    Overall Height (OH): 1835
    Front Overhang (FOH): 2200
    Rear Overhang (ROH): 3225
    Front Chassis Height (FCH): 925
    Rear Chassis Height (RCH): 935
    Road Clearance (RC): 255
    Front Track (FT): 2035
    Rear Track (RT): 1820
    Turning Circle Kerb to Kerb: 19000
    Total: 5220
    Front: 1185
    Rear: 4035
    GVM: 16000
    *Indicative Chassis Mass – kg (standard tools, 10 litres of fuel and spare tyre and subject to a ± 3% tolerance)

  • * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Hino Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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